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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog once again. Today, we are going to discuss the common makeup mistakes that should be controlled. Beauty is natural, but to play with the beautiful texture and tone is an art and has to be done artificially, while this procedure is known as makeup. If you know, what is your choice or taste in makeup, you will definitely most often not visit a makeup artist. Rather, you would learn various technique and suggestions and apply your own makeup by yourself. Which sometimes turns to be very soothing, but, many times it seems to be a disaster – if you go wrong.

You belong to any small town or any of the big cities, doesn’t matter for if you are aware of the minimum specification that will allow you to draw your makeup fresh and guided. Let us learn some of the very common makeup blunders we often make to take measure against makeup errors.

Over washing your face, can suppress your grace

The individuals who work with ladies solely will comprehend their requirements superior to a craftsman who works with runway models or for print promoting.

Makeup on dry skin will take away your grin

You should firmly, learn and spread the very common mistake that every 80 per cent do; that is to put on makeup in your dry skin. If you are using any ingredient on your face, you should give a gentle water wash, then stimulate your skin with mild skin compatible moisturiser and then apply your preferred makeup. It will remain you harmless with no side effect.

Measure your concealer, let your face appear

It is never entertained to advise that you should use a huge amount of concealer in one place. Rather it is said to use your concealer and brush it to balance in the whole area that requires it. Also, excessive concealer on your dark circles can make you look older. Hope, you will never enjoy that!

Excessive foundation use will confuse

It is very sad when we see people with lumpy face or cheeks and does not represent the originality. From outside we clearly realise that it is a result of makeup disaster but we don’t get what exactly it is. It is a result of using too much foundation to look too good, which turns out the other way.

Highlighting wrong place, will not make you ace

Do not apply a single eyeshadow color to your entire eye. Always use a highlighter shade to enhance your brow bone. Gold oriented or silver base highlighters will compliment all the shades under the sun.

Flashy nail paint, ain’t that vibrant

In light of your specific needs, you might need to solicit a few or all from these inquiries and I’ve recorded them here as a gathering just to get your mind thinking these points of interest.

Excessive perfume, one should not consume

In any party or event or ceremony, we are already covered with so many different aura, in that case a light glare of a perfume fragrance tastes attractive. Whereas a bath of of perfume will generally embarrass you and harass the others.