Introduction to Bridal Wedding Makeup & All Bridal Events Makeup

Every girl thinks about how her wedding day will take place and imagines that when everyone sees her, they will be awed by her bewitching beauty. The aunties will be gushing over her and the rest will be stuck in a continuous loop of oohs and ahhs. Her dress will be drop-dead gorgeous, her hair will look perfect, her skin will be flawless, and when her husband-to-be looks up and gazes into her beautiful shining eyes, he will feel like the luckiest man alive! How does this dream of yours come true? That’s where Chanderlata and her makeup artist team come in, ready with their wands of makeup to work their magic and turn your dreams into a reality!

You’re already beautiful! We’re here to accentuate your gorgeous features and reveal your natural beauty in the most jaw-dropping way. When it comes to makeup, we each have our individual choices. Our makeup is a reflection of our personality. It is a cover page for the chapters that make us who we are. We will portray your personality in your makeup and express yourself in the most artistic way possible. Whether you prefer an elegant style of makeup, trendy or bold, we have every style of makeup and hair for you.

You may even prefer a particular type of makeup for a specific destination wedding ceremony. Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered! We will create dazzling looks for you during all your ceremonies, be it your Sangeet, Mehendi, Tilak or Engagement ceremony, reserving your best look for the wedding day! Our wedding gift to you will be that radiant smile on your gorgeous face when you see the spectacular looks we create for you. Beautiful-bride to be, let us make your big day extremely special for you!


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