best bridal makeup in mumbai

While everyone is pumped up about the upcoming Wedding Season, it is your big day that you are both excited and anxious about. You already know that even the presence of the right venue, a renowned catering service, and the most beautiful bridal dress won’t be able to counter the consequences of an incompatible makeup artist. So, the question that arises is how to select the best makeup artist in Mumbai or India and lucky for you, we have already compiled the neat tricks to do so.

Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding is perhaps the only responsibility you are entrusted with as the rest is taken care of by your family. The difficult task of finding the best makeup artist in India falls on you. So, the very first step when you set out to find your makeup bestie is to…

1. Finalize your look for the big day!

More often than not, makeup artists tend to specialize in particular looks, so it is possible that the look you want may not be your randomly chosen makeup artist’s forte. But when it comes to choosing your look, you need to keep one simple thing in mind – not every look will suit you.

Look for wedding pictures as references in which the bride has similar facial features and structure as you do. Indian women have a rather varied range of skin type, features, bone structures, etc. which need to be kept in mind. It surely sounds like and is a tough procedure but if it lands you the best makeup artist in India, it is so worth it, right?

2. How much are you willing to pay?

If you are not flexible with your budget, the best idea would be to look for makeup artists who can give you your desired bridal makeup in your set budget. It would be a futile attempt to approach a makeup artist whose service charges you can’t afford. But remember, sometimes the look you desire for your wedding day may need an experienced makeup artist, who will charge you accordingly. Better to choose your makeup look based on your budget to start with.

3. In this era of the digital revolution, don’t forget to check the reviews given by the artist’s past clients!

While this will undoubtedly narrow down your list, allowing you to select the best makeup artists in India, you have to be mindful of the fact that marketing teams are often posing as reviewers to convince people that the artist in question is good. Learn to discern the actual users of the artist’s services from the ones faking it.

4. Try it out!

If your shortlisted artists agree to give you a trial session before you book them for your wedding and other functions, well, you couldn’t have asked for anything better! This will also help your makeup artist deduce what type and shade of foundation will look good on you, the type of lip colour that will sit well with your face tone and attire, which blush shade to go for, etc.