HairStyle Course


There is no end limit to the number of hairstyles one can do. From buns and braids to sleek ponytails and elaborate updos, the list is endless. With this course, you will not only learn various types of hairstyles but also learn the art of volumizing hair with machine and products.

Course Highlights

  • All products for classroom practice will be provided by the Academy
  • Learn Basic hairstyles to advance sider and bridal hairstyling
  • Different types of curls
  • Different types of Traditional and Western buns
  • Different types of Messy braids
  • Western Updos
  • Sleek ponytail
  • Learn the different ways of Fixing donut and hair extension
  • Learn the art of volumizing hair with machine and products

The HairStyle Course is for 15 days, 3 hours a day.

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