Destination Wedding Makeup Artist

Makeup that makes you look gorgeous

When it comes to weddings, we have all dreamed about where we will marry. Whether it will be under the dazzling lights of Vegas or amongst the royal atmosphere of Jaipur, we all have our individual preferences. Destination weddings are so much more fun than a wedding in a local area. It brings a fabulous twist to the wedding, turning it into a vacation! Whether you wish to marry on a cruise in Goa or a palace in Rajasthan, Chanderlata and her destination wedding makeup artist team have got you covered!

We can customize your makeup to suit both your personality and the destination that you have chosen for your wedding. With our strategy and planning skills, you don’t have to worry about the makeup aspect of preparing for your destination wedding. Chanderlata and her destination wedding makeup artist team’s level of expertise will make sure that your destination wedding look turns out better than planned!

How to make especially your wedding Makeup even more Memorable

A lot many things go in strategizing a perfect makeup look for a particular destination. Take a look at a few of these ideas for destination weddings:

A destination wedding by the sea

destination wedding by the sea

A wedding by the sea mixes fun with culture! It is a splendid combination to fill your hearts with ease. The sound of the waves with the chants of the mantras, the warm rays of the sun as you take your pheras, or the soft rocking of the boat, all contribute to bringing a wonderful atmosphere to the wedding. We know how to customize your makeup so that you achieve a sun-kissed look for your wedding and at the same time match the colorful ambiance of a true Indian wedding. Some great places to have such a wedding are in a houseboat in Kerala or by a beach in Goa or Alibaug.

A destination wedding at a palace

destination wedding makeup artist

If you’re having a wedding at a palace, we can turn you into a glamorous princess with subtle shades of baby pink and shimmery highlight in your makeup or we can turn you into a bronzed queen with the bold color of red and dark kohl around your eyes. Whatever be your preference, we are here to transform you into a royal for your magical wedding! India is certainly not in a shortage of royal places to have a wedding in. You can have your wedding in a place like Gujarat, known as the land of the princes, or Jaipur, which is known for being a popular place for royal weddings, or you could take your vows in Agra, the city of love!

A wedding amidst mountains or greenery

destination wedding amidst mountains or greenery

There is something really peaceful and serene about having a wedding amidst the mountains. The pleasant atmosphere blends in perfectly with the spiritual factor of marriage. We will make sure to let your natural beauty stand out amidst the beautiful environment whether it be lush green trees or snow-capped mountains. Do you wish to look like a goddess in such a place? Well, we will make sure of it by turning you into a celestial beauty! Highlighting the corners of your eyes, using shimmery eye shadow, and a natural shade of blush can achieve this look. The best place for such a destination wedding would be in Shimla, don’t you agree?

A destination wedding in a temple:

destination wedding in a temple

Can there be anything more religious and perfect than getting married in a temple? Something as sacred as a wedding would find a perfect place in a temple. We know exactly how to portray your Indian beauty in this holy environment. Some temples with magnificent architecture and beauty that you could have a grand wedding in are Kandariya Mahadev Temple and the Golden Temple. You can also have your wedding in the city of Madurai, known for its mythological significance where the grand wedding between Meenakshi, an avatar of Parvati and Sundareshwar, a form of Shiva, took place.